first app to introduce chart recording to Google Play!


Altimeter Plus has been the first app to introduce chart recording in altimeters provided within Google Play.

We want to celebrate this
by finally publishing our version 3 update which we already started in 2015.

A lot of new functions await you as soon as we reach the kickstarter goal.


19th April of 2014

2014 - First Release on Google Play

Altimeter Plus has been crafted and published for the first time.

We've been the first to have a chart onboard and provided route tracking.

lightweight & simple,
yet powerful!

still today our whole app is installed within a blink of an eye, taking only 1.2MB in total.

31th May 2015

2015 - Fast Improvements
in Design & Functionality

In a very short time we've been able to introduce a major design update to logo and app UI. We made further changes to the functionality in 2015.
After gathering a lot of new skills and getting the concept down for our next big upgrade PlainTap came to a hold in 2016 which set this major update(v3) on ice even though it was already half-way done. 

23 April 2018

Calibration and various height calculation algorithms to select 

Already been finished in the version 3 update we took the calibration feature as a split-apart for the current 2.xx versions to provide our app with the calibration function already in 2018.

We also introduced 3 Calculation Algorithms to choose from when we published our first maintenance update to the pressure sensor.

For many years we've listened to our users via customer support and introduced individual user wishes like for example:
- dark design
- option to prevent the phone from going to sleep
- and more.

That also via separate roll-outs.

Now VERSION 3 needs you!

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and contribute to our crowdfunding campaign
We lay out in detail for what your money will be used.

Plans for VERSION 3

May 2022

a lot of awesome functionality along with design updates and maintenance

Besides the functionality upgrades it is planned to rewrite the whole application for implementing a better architecture which will make further updates easier and faster.
It is planed to implement a MVC or MVVM architecture while introducing a high test coverage.

For the future this means more functions in less time and overall better quality with less bugs and errors.

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